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FG Shoes uses the finest quality full thickness hides, treated with the proven age-old method of slow tanning with pure aniline.
Everything that nowadays is considered to be "classical" counted as modern at the beginning of the past century. We are also obliged to
contribute the same to the development of our future and to set an end to the anxiety of the past few decades that the profession of shoemaking dies out.
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eFollowing strict controls, the leathe b experts who then make a selection inside of the single skin by choosing only the best part.


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FG Shoes creates a wide range of leather products according to the same high quality standards. Production takes place throught ancient methods that have been enhanced and improved by technological evolution, but keep those manuals phases impossible to perform with the machine that retain the characteristics of high quality
Before making its way on to the foot of a customer, the FG shoe passes over a long period through the hands of the professional artisans that craft them. They infuse the same values into the shoes as the lines that time has carved on their hands.Embodied in the culture of shoemaking, the profession of quality, and the enduring reach for perfection

Velvet Slippers and Shoes

FG Shoes is a south asian mass production and manufacturing company offering an extremely new approach to business. Our products and service are constantly monitored and systems reviewed to ensure that we are providing our customers excellent service at all the times.FG producing customized bespoke shoes,personalized slippers ,private labels for bags and belt velvet slipper, prince albert tassel slippers,ladies velvet ballerina ,Riding boots etc. using superior quality finest material including exotic skins like alligator and python ,Box calf ,Bady calf , frenchcalf full grain Nappa Leather & drum dyed Cow Leather etc.Private Label also available.By focusing the local market,we uplift the level of shoe making...proudly bearing "for the Classical" mindset combination of modern influences, time-tested workmanship and impressive work ethics sees a constant production of world-class quality -made footwear more